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Our core values are the fundamental beliefs for this Church. These guiding principles dictate behavior and characteristics of our Church. 



We believe that God has called us to be a Church that serves, thus we strive to meet the needs of our Church and community through quality spiritual ministry and service. We want to be a Church where there is something for everyone no matter what age, color, gender, culture, circumstance or situation.

"A Church that serves"

"Reaching those who are far from God"


We strive to follow the Matthew 28:19 Evangelism ministry model for reaching those who are far from God.


We believe that prayer is an essential purpose of the Lord's Church and we strive to devote ourselves to powerful, persistent, passionate, prevailing prayer. 

"Open, honest, trustworthy"


We strive with frequency to verbally convey and articulate the Vision of the House and future plans for our church.


We strive to be open, honest, trustworthy and conduct ourselves according to the highest moral, ethical and biblical standards.

"We will embrace change"


We will embrace change and continue to look at new ways that will allow us to be more effective as a Church as we work to improve all we do in a responsible manner. 


We strive to uphold the standards of our Christian walk with the highest level of Accountability to God, our Families and to one another.

"In the spirit of excellence"

"We will use creative means to reach"


We strive to be a church that does everything exceptionally and in a Spirit of Excellence


We will use creative means to carry out the Kingdom agenda to reach those who are far from God and to build up those who are already part of the body of Christ.

PASTOR & First Lady

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